Nov 12

The Complete Salah – Talk

The Complete Salah by Shaykh Mohammad Yasir al-Hanafi

The course was conducted By Shaykh Mohammad Yasir al-Hanafi with over 60 people registered to attend consisting mainly of youngsters.

The course was to show the correct way to pray, clear up any misconceptions and to answer any questions; all in accordance with the Hanafi school of thought.

The focus was on the prayer using evidence from the Quran & Sunna.

On the day, the talk was invaluable for those who attended it and Incha Allah, for the community.

Furthermore, the talk cleared up a lot of misconceptions pertaining to the Salah. One of our objectives was to harmonize how we should pray and to debunk some misguided assumptions.

We would like to thank Shaykh Mohammad Yasir al-Hanafi for coming. We were very fortunate to have a source of knowledge in Masjid Abu Bakar. May Allah give him and all involved a great reward.

Incha Allah we hope this will the first of many.